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Variety brings joy to our work

By Ali Tuson of Iris Imagery


I’m Ali (photographer) and this is me with mine…

..and here's Chloe (super stylist) on a recent shoot without hers!

Together we’re a duo Iris Imagery, providing a whole host of styled product photography - advice, props, studio and imagery for our lovely clients.

Variety brings joy to our work

Part of the reason we love our job so much is the variety it brings. One week we can be styling and photographing anything from high end art, candles and body lotions, and the next, craft ciders or raw meat for an online farm!

Inspired by Nature

We thoroughly enjoyed styling and photographing the latest Willis Bloom collection. ‘Blooms & Foliage’ is all inspired by nature’s beautiful wild flowers and greenery, and we could see, Abi, just how much these repeat patterned motifs and colours, were inspired from spending time in your garden during lockdown! (note from Abi: Thank you and oh gosh yes; escaping to the garden was just what I needed for inspiration!)

This stunning collection reminded us to bring nature into our homes - a bit of greenery in a succulent, or cheese plant or a spray of flowers, will always help create a fresh and happy atmosphere at home. And to give ourselves a little boost, try introducing bolder patterns alongside muted tones and small pops of colour into our living spaces, maybe in a new lampshade, some cushions or curtains - it feels like a very appropriate little nod back to nature for everything she has given in keeping us cheerful and sane this past year.

Homes give us comfort

and nature offers novelty & joy

As we approach our tenth month of restricted living and a further 6 weeks or so yet to come, we find ourselves more than ever looking both inwardly to our homes and gardens for comfort and solace, and outwardly to the beauty of nature all around us for novelty and joy. Waking up yesterday to a stunning hoar-frost felt like a magical gift to be savoured. We can’t travel at the moment, but the thrill of exploring the local fields and woods around us covered in Jack Frost’s magic felt like a joyful wonderland adventure. ❄

Some thoughts

Our thoughts for the day as we face these next weeks at home;

  • Take more time to do little things with great love

  • Take in the beauty of nature - rain or shine, a walk is always a good idea

  • Nourish yourself with nature’s fresh produce

  • Bring nature inside - a carefully chosen plant, a pretty spray of flowers will make you feel happy

  • And give yourself some 'me space’ in your home, a time to find a little peace and joy each day - a bath, a scented candle, a book, or maybe all three together…?

Still happily working

We’re still styling and shooting, so if you find yourself in need of moving your products and services online to reach more of your audience during this time and need a fresh take on your photography, if you’d like a new visual concept for your products or processes, or simply just a chat, then do feel you can give us a call or DM us. We’re still collecting products or you can drop them off with us at our studio in a safe way.

Stay keeping well..

Ali & Chloe xx

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