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Abigail and Chris Willis. Willis Bloom owners.

Willis Bloom was created with a simple ethos in mind: live happily, embrace colour, have a passion for pattern and a desire for things that are naturally elegant.

Our inspiration comes from everyday things: our family, the nature surrounding us, real homes: we treasure the simple and beautiful. For us, it's about having a passion for where we live. It doesn't have to be on trend or a show home; in fact quite the opposite. We want to create timeless places to love where our designs are cherished over years.

How we make it


Everything starts off with pen and paper. Hand drawn designs are then brought to life with colour and patterns, and from there beautiful fabrics and wallpaper are made. A genuine "Made in England" company, our fabric and wallpaper is printed in the heart of England. Using digital printing we use less ink, less water and produce less waste than screen printing. And because every order is unique we produce only what our customers ask for, so you don't need to buy more than you need.

Abigail and Chris Willis are the husband and wife team

at the heart of Willis Bloom.

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