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This year I said goodbye to my old career...

... and started afresh.

I have always liked to draw, to make, to create. Ever since I was a small child I was happy sitting at the kitchen table doodling, painting, colouring in, glitter, pastels, anything creative. This followed me through school and my educational choices; my arty A-Levels, my Marketing Design degree…. But then I sidelined a bit, I decided that a blank sheet of paper (or screen) wasn’t for me, I wanted to be in a creative world but not be the one coming up with all the ideas. I liked business and I loved the world of Advertising agencies since the moment I first dipped my toe in.

Abigail Willis starting out as an artist
Happiest with a crayon. My mother used a bowl for that haircut.

And so with my first career I was surrounded by creative folk, and I was the ‘suit’. The customer facing person who drove campaigns to market, who looked after the strategy, cared for the budgets and protected the ideas. Think Mad Men with less glamour. I loved it.

Then I got older and I wanted more, something different, to be doing something more creative, to make something, do my own thing and with a passion I wanted to have my own business. I always knew that I would and a certain (ahem) birthday milestone was my impetus to make it happen. Could I be creative and business orientated?

Introducing Willis Bloom (and a rather supportive Mr Willis). Together we set this show on the road. Me, with a blank sheet of paper in front of me, brush and pencils in hand, a passion for beautiful homes, fabrics and decorating. Chris (the aforementioned Mr Willis) right by my side. This was something for us to do together, he was looking for a fresh challenge too.

Early days for my fabulous second career. This is the start of Willis Bloom. Glorious fabrics & wallpapers. We have just launched and I’m feeling happy, excited, scared, enthused; like a little kid with a crayon....

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