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Love our Bees

So what is it about Bees that we love so much?

It might just start with the honey thing. Memories of childhood; we delight in its ‘buttery, crumpet and honey fusion best washed down with a glass of milk’.

Bees sum up summer as children run around bare footed trying to avoid them in the grassy clover, parents telling them to mind the wasps and love the bees. To feel sorry for the bee if they sting us “they die don’t you know” and, “what does a wasp do”? Well it certainly helps that the bee is ‘cuddlier’ looking than its pointy, stingy rival, and it helps with pollinating not just our flowers but our food and our beautiful majestic trees too. Without any of those things life just wouldn’t go on.

They keep us healthy (Bee propolis, a resin bees collect from tree and plant buds, has been the subject of many studies and has been used since Egyptian times to boost human health.

And the industry of a bee colony is quite simply amazing. From the honeycomb structure, to the teamwork, from the role of the Queen bee to her drones and workers.

So yes, we love them, but we don’t want the real thing in our homes. Too fraught with peril.

That’s why we love Willis Bloom Bee fabric available in linen. Beautiful bees without the sting in the tail.

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