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Creativity doesn't wear a watch and that's ok

A blank sheet of paper, a simple pencil and a sunny spot.

This is where ideas come to life, where they are developed, but not where they start.

Without exception new ideas don’t come to us sat at our desk with a deadline in mind.

They don’t start when pencil/pen/paint hits paper.

New ideas come to us in the car, in bed, going for a walk, watching a bird, cooking, walking in the garden, playing with pebbles, making love.

Sometimes ideas are like a gentle tune humming in our heads as we carry on around them with other things. Other times they are a loud explosion demanding we stop and give them our full attention. They don’t respect the 9-5, they don’t know our pre planned working days and that really is ok.

But the penny has only recently dropped for me on realising this.

I spent many years in the corporate world somewhat tethered to a desk. When I started out on this brave new journey with Willis Bloom we created an office studio, built a lovely oak desk and I tethered myself to it once again. It’s a great space, I can write, draw, type, run a business and immerse myself into work. But sometimes I get stuck. My mind whirls in the wrong sort of way, I lose focus and sometimes I need a break. But with deadlines looming I always felt that the desk was best.

Luckily, I have a more enlightened business partner (incidentally husband too). He can see the block in action and with encouragement finds me sunny spots, prompts a walk round the blossoming garden, or a brisk run to get the blood pumping and the ideas flowing. Sometimes I need more; music, theatre, art. But most often it’s nature and fresh air. Simple and effective. His years of self-employment have taught him this, my brain still is trying to drag me back to a desk and I have to just remind myself I have options…

Here's the challenge.

Self employed folk can follow this path, get the inspiration they need how and where and when they need it (Sometimes: I do have children that need to be nutured and who get quite vocal around feeding times...). Employed? trickier, much trickier. But there are ways: enlightened senior management teams are seeing this; trusting their teams to work and not shirk from home. Giving staff the options to be creative away from their desk.

Today: With spring on it’s way the first bluebells are coming into flower and here I found a sunny little spot, a cup of tea and a moment to enjoy the warmth and sketch.

I also got the chance to elevate my bruised ankle as I fell down the stairs carrying my ‘stuff’ to this idyllic spot.

Photos can hide a million truths!

Always a backstory. Was nice once the pain subsided, tears dried (I blubbed like a baby) and an ice pack was applied…

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