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10 things I'm happy about. What makes you smile?

Today is International day of Happiness. What a wonderful idea!

It is also a rather good thing for me to focus on. Yesterday I didn’t feel that happy. Nothing really went wrong, but I just felt a bit overwhelmed by life, family, work, and ‘stuff’. ‘Stuff’ being the things that I know I shouldn’t really sweat over but no amount of telling myself to the contrary stops me doing it. All I really wanted to do was crawl back into bed and wait for another day to begin.

Abigail Willis and Little Willis being happy
Goofy smiles and laughter lines (me not him)

The thing is I am a happy person and I guess like everyone I just need to remind myself of that sometimes. I’m not the kind of person that walks round with a daft grin plastered on my face constantly more the type of person that can see the good stuff , tries to live in the moment (kids help you do just that) and not get too dragged down by life.

Here’s my current top 10 happy thoughts. Some are more random than others.

  1. My babies are all happy. Mothering priority. From the littlest to the largest I know they are all smiling and that makes me happy.

  2. I am working for myself. A dream now in motion. I always, always, always aspired to do this by the time I hit the big 40. Here I am. It feels good (scary too, but hey rollercoasters are scary and they are meant to be fun…)

  3. I have flexibility. Aside from feeding people, getting them to nap, eat and bed, I can juggle my time accordingly and not to a 9-5 schedule. I am outdoors more now than anytime in my life. Amazing what a walk, trip to the beach, stroll round the garden can do to lift your spirits.

  4. Being creative every day. Imagining, drawing, looking at colours, writing. It’s brilliant!

  5. Spring is springing and the budding life in the garden is making me incredibly impatient for roses to bloom, dahlias to burgeon and peonies to burst into life. I need the sun.

  6. Series 2 of Fleabag. Utterly brilliant.

  7. I don’t care so much about what other people think. Hear me out, I do care about other people. What I have is the liberation and confidence through time that people near and dear to me are important and not to be dragged down by the unimportant.

  8. Chocolate with pieces of Dime bar in it.

  9. Miracles. When my two year old eats anything that isn’t beige.

  10. My new challenges ahead. I have a huge to do list, mainly professionally and it’s all good. As long as I stay positive and don’t get overwhelmed it’s a plan full of potential and excitement. Just one step at a time.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I have my health, the love & support of Mr Willis, a beautiful family and I’m now doing something I always dreamed off. So next time I have a day where I just want to hibernate in bed and close the curtains, I will dig this out and re read it, because I am happy and that’s worth celebrating.

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