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Will polka ever lose it’s charm?

I have always been of the dotty persuasion; clothes, accessories, homeware. And I hasten to add in a tasteful way, not in a Mr Tumble-esque spotty bag way (if you don't have small children you will have escaped this viewing pleasure...).

I'm in good company. Minnie Mouse’s dress and Marilyn Monroe’s famous bikini sported them; Frank Sinatra sang about them (Polka dots and Moonbeams) and the Pointillists painted with them (Camille Pisarro, Van Gogh, Roy Lichtenstein and Georges Seurat). I think the popularity of the humble spot comes from the harmony of a circle, the simplicity of the lines and the power of the repetition.

Whether you like them bold and powerful or soft and petite, polka is as comfortable in the home as on the catwalk. Dots, spots, polka all have a place and bring a vibrant energy to a design scheme.

We love our ‘Dotty about Buttons’ fabric collection. Buttons and polka, what’s not to love? Vibrant, contemporary and guaranteed to make you smile. Available in a glorious linen and cotton blend, great for curtains, blinds and cushions.

An old chair given a new lease of life with some paint compliments the fabric perfectly. Love it.

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