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Psssst. Beige is back....

Did you hear the rumour that beige is nudging it's way back into our homes? Yes, grey crept into our hearts and homes, but in some ways, beige still loitered. It was hiding in our cupboards along with clothes from a different time (waist size). But for some people carpets never changed, furniture remained, much loved cushions stayed the course….

Natural Wooden Pencils
Beige with a splash of pink. Gorgeous.

I thought twice about writing this today, as only 2 weeks ago I was singing ‘trends don’t matter’! And I still believe that, for many people beige has never really gone away (my previous point that all trends exist if you seek hard enough).

Favourites will come and go; and part of the demise for beige was that it had been our safe neutral for an age, we just wanted a change and beige sounded, well, boring…

To quote The Bard:

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"…

Well I guess what I’m saying is the contrary. If in this case Beige is the thistle and not a rose (stay with me…), it may well sound much more appealing if in fact it was known by a new name. “A thistle by another name may well smell sweeter….” Sorry Shakespeare. Sorry Mrs Evernden (A Level English teacher).

Think, toffee apple, mocha, cool caramel, papyrus, sandy dune, desert sand, cosmic latte…. My eyes are now shut and I’m imaging a room being transformed into an elegant haven of caramel, golden textured accents with a gorgeous graphite punctuation…. Now doesn’t that sound better.

Willis Bloom Fabric in Cool Caramel
Cool Caramel Regal fabric. Yummy.

My summary; Beige has been rebranded and it's making a bid again for our homes. But it comes with a warning, make sure you pep it up with some other accents, either tonally with textures in golden hues, or contrasts to add some energy.

Look at our delicious Cool Caramel colour way for our Regal beauty wallpaper and fabric. Beige without the boring.

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