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I'm too excited to keep it a secret.

Our new Children’s collections are coming so very, very soon! There, I said it. Ta da!

The professional in me knows I should wait, get the fancy photographs taken and then do the ‘big reveal’. To wait until I can show the beautiful fabric looking it’s best in a perfectly styled room but I’m just too excited to wait. I just need to tell someone… So thank you for listening.

Two collections are on their way. One for little tots, an original take on a safari design ‘Pebble Safari’ . Hand drawn safari animal favourites brought to life in three gentle and gorgeous colourways. We have also come up with a charming twist on the classic that is stars; ‘Star Bright’ (I reckon some adults may want a piece of the star action too)…

Star Bright Fabric collection by Willis Bloom in red, blue and silver
Star Bright

I’ve always had this tendency to get over excited and want to ‘spill’. Now don’t get me wrong, I can keep a trusted secret and I don’t spoil surprises, but it just builds up in me like a happy volcano. Here’s an example from this weekend. We were at my mother’s house for Sunday lunch (lovely), and she steals me away for a moment to excitedly tell me what she has ordered for my husband's birthday (maybe she is like me? or am I like her?). His birthday is a month away and it’s a really nice present. I kid you not, within no more than 20 minutes I’m excitedly telling him about the ‘lovely gift’ he’s getting! I don’t spoil it by fully spilling the beans, I like to think of it as ‘adding to the excitement’. Couldn’t keep it in.

Pebble Safari fabric by Willis Bloom in 3 colourways
Pebble Safari

When the photography is complete and our website is fully loaded with the images and details, I’ll let you know, but in the meantime I feel like a weight has been lifted, it's out there! Phew....

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