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Can you combine both fun & elegance in your home interior?

Homes are where we relax, where we want to have fun, entertain, laugh, sleep, eat and play. But they are also a reflection of us, an extension of who we are. Sometimes we want to be elegant, sometimes fun: but can we combine both?

Willis Bloom How Very British Wallpaper in deep purple and blue and gold. Room inspiration.
How Very British Wallpaper in Midnight Crest colourway

Yes; it's all about keeping one foot in the classic and one in the flamboyant. There are showhomes out there that are infinitely cool, architect designed, elegant, spotless and serene. Usually very white too. They relax, but do they stimulate? Can they raise a smile? Are they reality for family life? Do they look cosy and lived in? Can they cope with the strains of dogs, children and life? I suspect not.

There are also schemes out there that make us laugh, giggle and feel like big kids. Bright, colourful and a bit well, um, kiddy (ok if it's a kids playroom you're creating).

What we are talking about is a place with some energy, a gentle smile raised and a warmth and character that comforts as well as welcomes us home. Somewhere we feel happy and can nest in after a day out. Somewhere that is comfortable but we can equally feel proud of when friends come round for a cuppa / cocktail / dinner.

I get this personally and also professionally. The wallpapers and fabrics we make have an energy through strong repeating patterns that incorporate cheerful references from nature and life. The 'How Very British' collection (see the fab photo with this article) looks glorious on walls with a bold design that plays with an established classic. Oak trees, leaping hares, acorns and teapots all play together in this vibrant and elegant design. I have this fabric in 'Stately Teal' in my grown up lounge, (no kids allowed, well almost never, well they do like to perform shows in there...). It's a design I have always loved and the first one that I sat down and drew for Willis Bloom.

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