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Update on a classic

We all love a new take on a classic design. The comfort of the established with the fun of something fresh and updated. Unexpected colour combinations, a mix of new textures, modern imagery with ancient pattern making or new materials with classic shapes. I love fabric with an unexpected twist and wallpaper that offers up a happy and refreshing smile. That's why I do what I do.

I really must wear those shoes more often. Trouble is they are not school run compatible...

Thousands of years ago the Incas were producing incredible geometric textiles.

If you look at the current love of all things geometric it's not that different to what those revered textile artists were creating all that time ago.

We still covet the Louis Ghost chair 16 years since it launched.

This popular chair is a re-imagination by Philippe Starck, of the Louis XV dining chair (a timeless classic). Shunning wood for it's unusual and innovative use of moulded plastics, it's a pouplar design classic in it's own right now.

Candle bearing rings of suspended light in medieval times were the first chandeliers for people of wealth. And peoples love of all things sparkly led to the cut glass beauties we can still see in stately homes and palaces. There are so many modern takes on this now for acessible glamour in all our homes.

Baked beans with a splash of Worcestershire sauce anyone? A classic enhanced. Lovely.

Thoughts around 'an updated classic' are what inspired me to develop our 'How Very British' fabric and wallpaper collection. At first glance a classic design, but peer a little closer and you'll spot my hand drawn leaping Hares, majestic Oak trees, a welcoming tea pot and a gaggle of acorns. They all play together to form a rather show stopping pattern. Comforting and refreshing.

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