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Can you have too many?

We're talking cushions today. Can you have too many? It’s a serious question. Ok so it's not Brexit, it's not planet saving and it's definitely not about which Prime Minister we will have next...

Simple answer though. No. You can't have too many, in fact the more the better. Not just my view. It's fact. Actual real fact, proven by scientists* fact.

*I made that bit up but I think that if they did a research study into cushions they would find that they have life enhancing qualities....

This is my current mix and match cushion selection from my own grown up lounge (kiddies not allowed although most days they forget and it turns into a dancing / den building / dinosaur room!) .

Real homes

It wasn’t destined to be like this but is the happy by product of this wonderful new career. A plethora of my fabric designs, patterns and cushions, cushions, cushions!

Need a new cushion in your life? Of course, you do. Daft question.

It all starts with a little square of fabric.

You can order a sample through our website or from one of our brilliant stockists (just ask us to find one). If you’re not a dab hand with the sewing machine they can make the most amazing cushion creations for you from our designs. They really are talented people who are incredibly craftsmen when it comes to a needle and thread) Think piping, pom poms, tassles, hidden zips, button fastened, square, scatter, tiny, huge, bolster, for the bedroom, sofa, play room…. Just limited by your own imagination.

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